App description: The Shield protecting The Kingdom of Silania from the Abyss is failing. Only the lost Destiny Emerald can restore the Shield. The King along with the Council of Elders have called upon the famed adventurer family, the Darkslay's, to help locate the legendary gem.

While their parents are tied up in meetings with the Council, young Rokas and his sister Lilith, eager to prove themselves, sneak off to the Forbidden Vale and try to find the Destiny Emerald by themselves. Can the two rookie adventurers succeed in their quest?

****** FEATURES ******
* Gameplay inspired by 80s NES/Famicom action RPGs such as Legend of Zelda.

* In the Prelude, play as 2 of the 4 family members, swordsboy Rokas and rogue Lilith, each with unique attacks and abilities. Alternate between the two members to solve the quest.

* Fight wild and weird monsters using different tactics for each.

* Use bombs, torches, and your wits to uncover lots of secret passages and treasures!

* Collect dozens of special tools to solve tricky puzzles.

* Burn bushes! Bomb walls! Move blocks! Tons of secrets to discover!

****** SUPPORT ******
* For updates on the sequel Destiny Emerald, follow us on Twitter at

* Stuck? Visit our website for the Darkslay Mini Strategy Guide.

* If you should encounter any problems during play, feel free to message your problem to "". Please include the type of device your are using (iPad, iPad2, iPad Air, etc.) and your iOS version. We will do our best to fix your problem in the next update. We welcome feature suggestions or comments as well. Happy gaming!
05-02-2014, 02:46 AM
A Zelda-like?
05-02-2014, 05:25 AM
This looks very interesting...