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Help at gta san andreas URGENT !!!

05-04-2014, 10:41 AM
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Help at gta san andreas URGENT !!!

Hey everyone, whasup.
I'm here 'cause i'm playing gta san andreas for a really long time to get 100% completion.
I've looked at the internet and i got a list with a checklist for doing 100% then i've started the journey.
Yesterday at my list i just needed to do the chilliad challenge and it would be done.
But, for my surprise it shows me now 99,47% and i don't know what else i need to do.
Please don't reply asking if i've done something or etc... In my mind i've done everything but i just need 0,53% what means that i just need to do one more thing
I've my save here for download so anyone can be a super hero and look for me at the stats or somewhere that tell me what else i need to do PLEASE
Save game :
Anyone can help me out ? Serious i need
Thanks a lot !!!
05-05-2014, 11:01 PM
In order to achieve 100% completion in GTA: San Andreas, you have to do the following:

Complete ALL storyline missions. (Including Woozie's missions in Las Venturas).

Collect ALL pickup items:

50 horseshoes
50 oysters
50 snapshots
100 tags

Complete ALL vehicle challenges:

BMX Challenge
Mount Chilliad Challenge
NRG-500 Challenge

Finish ALL Stadium Events:

Blood Bowl
Dirt Track

Learn ALL new moves from all 3 gyms.

Complete Ammu-Nation shooting range (Lvl 12)

Complete ALL odd job missions:

Firefighter (Lvl 12)
Paramedic (Lvl 12)
Vigilante (Lvl 12)
Taxi Driver (50 fares)
Pimping (Lvl 10)
Freight Train (Lvl 2)

Get ALL 30 vehicles to the Import/Export crane.

Win ALL racing tournaments:

Los Santos
San Fierro
Las Venturas Road
Las Venturas Flying

Finish ALL 4 (optional) schools with at least bronze on each test:

Driving School
Boat School
Bike School
Flying School

Purchase ALL 29 safehouses

Complete ALL asset missions:

Los Santos courier mission (Roboi's Food Mart)
San Fierro courier mission (Hippy Shopper)
Las Venturas courier mission (Burger Shot)
Trucking Missions
Zero's RC Shop (involves storyline-style missions)
Valet Parking
Wang Cars (involves storyline-style misisons)
Hunter Quarry's Quarry Missions

Upon achieving 100% completion, you're rewarded $1 million, and other rewards. A message will pop up notifying you achieving 100% completion.

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