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App description: Remember this is a game that can prove whether you are smart enough. It is proved that about 10% of people who have played this game can pass through the first 20 levels. So are you the smartest person?

You all have experience of dreaming. Some dreams are nice enough that you wish it could be true, but some are not. Neemo the main character always falls asleep, but he has no ability to wake himself up unless you help him. You can either wandering around the world with him or you can enter his dream. Don't be afraid of using some extreme methods. It ain't crime here.

Help Neemo wake up and be safe in the first 20 levels and more loaded with challenges. You can scare Neemo in the dream or in the reality to wake him up; you can solve problem for Neemo in the dream to wake him up; you can also make Neemo happy and laugh in the dream to wake him upJust Anything!

Game Play:
* There are two parallel worlds: the dream and the reality. You can always go back and forth between the two worlds.
* You can collect stuff/info in the reality and use it in the reality.
* You can collect stuff/info in the dream and use it in the dream.
* You can collect stuff/info in the reality and use it in the dream. Of course, you can do the other way around.
* Tap, swipe, shake, tilt, or blow your device to complete your mission.
* Gain free game coins for each completed levels.
* Use hint or walkthrough when necessary.

Let me tell you, you gotta to be a Bit** here!

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