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iPhone: Trak4 Moving up the Charts - Now #86 in Family Games

08-20-2009, 09:07 PM
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Trak4 Moving up the Charts - Now #86 in Family Games

Thank you to everyone on Touch Arcade. Trak4 1.1.1 has only been out for two days and it finally charted in the App Store. So far it's hit #86 in the Top Paid Family Game category. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Can we get a few more downloads and crack the top 50?

Check out the reviews that other Touch Arcade members have been giving it!

It's only $0.99 and there is a Lite version available so you can give it a shot!

Trak4 a unique and challenging puzzle game on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
08-20-2009, 09:09 PM
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Addictive game. I planned on playing it for a minute or so before I played Gang$tar but ended up spending about half an hour on it cause I was on a roll

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08-20-2009, 09:34 PM
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Good game

Trak4 is a really fun game to pick up from time to time for me. I've been playing it lately and have managed to score about 14985 on easy/90seconds.

The game play is fun, you try to match your puzzle with how it should look like on the puzzle to the left of the screen within an amount of time (Can be adjusted in the options menu 30,60,90 sec). You are allowed to view the whole puzzle on the left when you first start each puzzle, but after a few seconds the left side turns into darkness and you can only view the puzzle with a spotlight that randomly moves around.

I have tried the other difficulties and haven't noticed that the puzzles are any harder, but that the time they give you to view the complete puzzle and how it should be completed has been shorten down. Each time you play this game the puzzles are thrown at you in random a order, so you won't be playing the same order of puzzles every new game.

A nice feature in this game is that it continues from where you last left off in case you accidentally exit the application.

The graphics aren't anything special and are rather simple, but it definitely doesn't make it any less of a fun puzzle game.

It's an interesting style for a puzzle game, you are given a hint and also a solve button when playing. You can use the hint button to see the whole puzzle on the left for a few seconds again, while the solve button is only to be used when you are certain you have the puzzle solved correctly. If you hit solve and your puzzle doesn't look exactly like the puzzle on the left side, you LOSE. Also, if you complete a puzzle without using hints, you receive a 500 point bonus.

Possible future requests for an update may be to include an online high scores list.

Overall it's a fun game that will keep you coming back every now and then, the high scores in the game are local, so you'll have to compete against yourself and friends on the same iDevice.

My personal best is 14985 on easy/90secs.

08-20-2009, 10:42 PM
This is a really good game

The update is awesome. Love the additional puzzles and the pause feature is a life saver. Now when I get on a good roll, I don't have to worry about missing a phone call or taking a break when I need it.

My high score is 13,330 on Easy / 90 seconds. Going to try to see how many I can get done on Easy 30 seconds.

I think the Easy / Medium / Hard disctinction just controls the size of the bouncing spotlight.

Definitely recommend this app. Love it.
08-21-2009, 06:48 AM
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really a nice puzzler, I'm enjoying it a lot.
08-21-2009, 09:54 AM
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This one is fun - probably the best "memory puzzler" game I've played. This one is in my regular rotation now of puzzle games. (Variety is the spice of life!)

One bit of help is that you can start rotating the tiles before the pattern on the left gets covered!

The graphics are simple, but spot-on for this game.

Only thing I'd change is the tile rotation sound, it's a tad harsh for how often you hear it, but that's what the volume control switch is for.

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Worst idea ever!
10-19-2009, 07:51 PM
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1.3 update is out
What's new
Version 1.3
****25 New random puzzles added to the mix for a total of 150 puzzles overall

You can contact me @ Skyye06@gmail.com