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  • Publisher: Dustin Adams
  • Genre: Music
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 9.8 MB
  • Version: 1.3
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating:
    Not enough votes.
App description: "I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you can not change" -- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Be a free bird! Fly for freedom!


- New horizontal pipe design. Extra challenging!
- Win in-game gold coins to unlock multiple birds (owl, seagull, pelican, toucan, bald eagle).
- Simple one-finger control. Great commute time killer.
- Compete with your friends.
- Catchy Soundtrack
- Cool Graphics

TasterY's comments:
Hi guys. Glad to join this forum!

I'm new in app business. Looking forward to learning a ton from smart and bright ppl on this forum!

I just released my second game, Free Bird - Ultimate Flappy. It's more than just a flappy bird clone. Tons of new features: horizontal pipes, birds unlock... I would much appreciate it if you could download it and give it a try. I'm sure you'll have fun playing it!

05-06-2014, 01:14 PM
Joined: Nov 2009
Location: Oklahoma
Posts: 1,651
The horizontal pipes piqued my interest. I'll give it a go at some point today or tomorrow and let you know what I think.

GC & Google Play: Jerutix -- Grace and Peace
05-07-2014, 10:13 AM
Joined: Nov 2009
Location: Oklahoma
Posts: 1,651
So I downloaded and tried out your game. I'm not a huge Flappy Bird fan in general, so I'm going to more or less avoid giving input on my playing experience. Instead, I'm going to try to focus on opinions about what I see in your creation as a new game developer. We'll see if that makes sense below.

First, kudos for being creative by taking a formula that has been endlessly duplicated and infusing a new element. That is really a lot of gaming today in a nutshell. Foster that creativity and keep looking for ways to add to or improve on what exists.

Second, giving unlockables is always a good route from a gamer's perspective, so +1 for costumes. I am much more likely to keep playing a game if I have goals to accomplish, be they achievements or costumes or missions, etc.

Third, I'm going to knock you for the art assets. Despite the game being pixelated, it was obvious you did not use retina assets. That's a big no no, in my opinion. I am not a developer, so I do not know what it takes to change those to retina assets, but I would suggest finding out.

Finally, you did a good job overall. As a first attempt app, this was a good trial. I hope you recognize that you won't be able to cash in on the Flappy cow, because the market is WAAAAY over-saturated. But as far as testing your potential for game development, I think you did a good job.

I encourage you to keep up your practice at coding and game development, and hopefully next time we see you it will be with something that is completely original and your own, something you can be passionate about to put your stamp on the gaming world.

Keep it up!

GC & Google Play: Jerutix -- Grace and Peace
05-08-2014, 02:07 PM
Joined: May 2014
Posts: 2
Hi Jerutix, thank you so much for playing my game and giving me such thorough feedback. Your post is a huge encouragement to me. I will continue making more better games!

Are you in app business as well? If so, I would love to try out games/apps you made.

05-08-2014, 02:37 PM
Joined: May 2014
Posts: 2
Nice game, but too many Flappy copies ....