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Hero Pong - development thread

05-09-2014, 09:24 AM
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Hero Pong - development thread

Hi everyone,

We're a newly founded little Indie Game Studio called Skyburn Games. We're a 2-man studio based in the Netherlands and we're currently working on our very first commercial game title: Hero Pong. (We're making it exclusively for iPhone.)

The game is still very much in development, therefore we're not posting this in the 'upcoming iPhone games'-section just yet, but we'd really like to show you the first screenshots and artwork of our game Hero Pong!

“Hero Pong is Skyburn Games' first game. The game's main focus is 'easy to play, hard to master', where the player can pick up the game quite easily, but a lot of new and innovative features are introduced to keep you entertained throughout the whole playing session.

The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s castle by using your hero to deflect a cannonball back at it, which is much like the classic game “Pong”. You can choose from different kinds of heroes, each with their own unique way of play by utilizing different skills and items. During the game, you will discover these items, with which you can turn the tide on the battlefield!” - www.skyburngames.com

We'd love your feedback on our game concept and/or artwork and in general would really like to hear your opinion

the game features:
-Touch based controls.
-5 Different playable characters/heroes, most of which need to be unlocked.
-Campaign mode, with about 50 to 60 playable levels.
-Quickplay mode, randomly generating which hero, playing field and items you'll play with.
-4 Different maps.
-Different kinds of enemies, bringing various levels of difficulty.
-Various kinds of obstacles, also adding variation in difficulty and play style.
-A leveling system for your heroes.
-A 'loot' system in which you collect exp and items for your heroes.

There will be a free version available in which you can play about 1/4th of the entire game and it most likely will feature advertisements. The complete game minus advertisements can be purchased in the app store (for a yet-to-be-determined-price).

We're still in full development, but we're estimating to release end of Q2/ beginning of Q3 2014. Hero Pong will be optimized for iPhone 4 & 5. We'll soon release a short trailer here, showing our gameplay; hoping you guys have some useful feedback for us