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App description: The game that will break all your stereo types of previous game experiences. Song of Hero will guide you to the Epic Musical Fantasy You've Never Experienced!

The kingdom of Kisum is threatened by wicked monsters that can only be defeated by music. You have to find the trace of the Bremen Town Musicians to defend Kisum.
Play with over 400 hero characters with differents skills, abilities and attacks.
Battle with over 150 great songs. Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, House and Classical, whatever music you like, SOH got it!
Real-time Rare Monsters will give you a whole new gaming experience!

The great musical epic you have never experienced before.

Break away from the same old battles; now defeat the monsters using your sense of rhythm!
Find the trace of The Bremen Town Musicians to defend the Kingdom of Kisum against the monsters. Over 400+ heroes with unique characteristics and over 150+ carefully selected songs will walk you along the journey.

The Plot

In the peaceful Kingdom of Kisum, monsters made a sudden appearance from out of nowhere.
Even the Royal Knights were far from defeating the monsters since swords and arrows could not harm the monsters. The Kingdom was gradually getting taken over. However, the appearance of four strangers turned the whole battle around. Strangely, they defeated the monsters with music. They introduced themselves as The Bremen Town Musicians and taught the villagers how to fight using the music.

As time had gone by, the Kingdom recovered from the battle and found peace again. The monsters had been forgotten, yet not knowing where they came from or why they tried to conquer the kingdom. However, the Royal Orchestra, which was found in place of the Royal Knights, gained great popularity.. Children now desired to become a musician one day instead of a knight.

In order to become a member, you have to complete the quest Find the missing Royal Orchestra!
But, along the journey, you find out that there was a conspiracy behind the disappearance of the Royal Orchestra.


Defeat the monsters with rhythm actions!
Say goodbye to the old boring battle systems!
Try out our new rhythm action battle that will challenge your musical talent.

Epic fantasy of the Kingdom of Kisum
Epic adventure to find a trace of the Bremen Musicians.
Find out about fantastic stories of the Kingdom of Kisum and reveal secrets behind it.

Help me out, my friend! Realtime rare monster hunting!
If you want to be a great hero, request for help to your friend and defend the kingdom.
Hunt rare monster with your friends in realtime to get awesome heroes for you.

Kisum Needs You Now. Join the Party!

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- Facebook: www.facebook.com/SongOfHero

Turmoil's comments:
Hey first thread, sorry for any errors.
Been playing this game a little and notice no thread for it (apologies if it is listed under a different name). Been out since the start of the month. Like Brave Frontier/Fable Age (simplified RPG) meets Rhythm game.

Oh and please feel free to add me as: pace or pace282

05-11-2014, 07:24 AM
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to add, you can see the video at:

Youtube: http://youtu.be/qFWtdXkXfxU
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/92727545

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