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App description: Conway's Inferno, the almost hit browser title, Now available for iOS! Triumph over the flammable as you use a host of disasters and non-disasters to completely de-populate a virtual world in this maliciously puzzling game. Based incredibly loosely on Conway's Game of Life, Conway's Inferno is the most entertaining cellular automata around. What's a cellular automata you ask? Well the phrase "cellular automata" roughly translates to "words you can use to impress your parents" (you could also look it up). Here are just a few of the things in store for you should you choose to download this brain-bending game:

- Over 50 levels to destroy!
- Zombies, Ufos, you name it! Explore tons of ways to prove that the dominant species in an ecosystem is the one capable of causing destruction, not the one that just sits there and catches on fire.
- Meaningful moral choices: Will you leave the creatures alone, thus proving yourself to be a paragon of moral virtue, or will you set them on fire, thus completing the level and actually playing the game? The choice is yours!

Not convinced yet? Have some complimentary screenshots (the game is complimentary too)!

Adams Immersive's comments:
(This is NOT my game.)

I've long toyed with the idea of a CA-based game, and I was just browsing the App Store to see what might be out there. I found one I'm enjoying, and it's free. It's never been updated (over a year old) but runs fine on my iPad Air/iOS 7: Conway's Inferno.

The first levels are simple tutorials, but it gets to be an interesting puzzle game. Pixelart style. You have a limited set of "hazards" to place, with goal of killing all the little faces. Fire spreads through trees, water protects faces near it, etc.--pretty simple rules, introduced one a time but calling for some trial and error to understand them.

I like finding overlooked gems!

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