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App description: Tap, Tap, Swipe!
Try to survive as long as you can at the color stairs!
Have fun!

The game is simple, colorful and addictive. Color stairs consists of colored blocks which move in the shape of a stair on the screen. You can jump by sliding up, and you can slide by touching anywhere on the screen! Watch out for the gaps between the steps and try to break the highscores in game center.

david9904's comments:
My new game "color stairs" is now available at the AppStore!
"color stairs" is a simple jump and run game with abstract graphics.

AppStore Description :
Tap, tap , swipe!
Try to survive as long as you can at the color stairs!

Download link:https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/color-stairs/id874890280?l=en&mt=8
05-15-2014, 05:50 AM
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I've had a try of the game and while it's fun it feels like it's all down to luck as when you swipe to jump it jumps the same distance so a high score seems dependant on getting a pathway that doesn't have a gap where you'd land, if you made so a short press/swipe equals a short jump and a long press or swipe makes you jump further I'd feel like I'd have more control and want to play more, an option to turn off sound and a pause button would be great too.

Just noticed that touching is meant to make the dot move, which would make sense then you can control the jumps better but it doesn't actually move.