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Beats headphones.....

05-16-2014, 10:04 PM
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Beats headphones.....

OK, so personally, I hate them. Not so much because I don't like the sound - which I find middle of the road - but because the folks who buy them are really buying into marketing.

But besides that, one of my best friends who was a engineer at HP for 30 years told me that in a magazine for sound professionals, he read that the actual cost of parts to make Beats headphones is $14 - $34 based on model. Add in Chinese labor, and you have the manufacturing cost.

Now, I don't claim to be a sound engineer, but for 30+ years I have been a DJ, and for 19 years I worked in TV, running sound for the news. And I can tell you this, I own a set of Sony headphones that costs $49 that blow the Beats out of the water. Even the TV station used Sony Studio headsets that cost about $100.

Granted, Beats does look a whole lot better, but is it really worth all that extra money to look cool?

I will also admit, that I have fallen for the hype before.... I have a few BOSE products that I overpaid for...... but the one thing about Bose is the awesome customer service. I have had a few things go wrong with my Bose products, but Bose has never charged me a dime to fix anything.

I wonder if Dr. Dre will spot you the cash for any repair bills?
05-16-2014, 10:17 PM
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I like Sony X10's alot better. But to each it's own

05-16-2014, 11:52 PM
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I'm pretty sure half the people with Beats knows that it's not quality. From those I've talked with them, it's mainly for the look. Personally I'd rather a nice pair of Sennheisers but we all have our reasons.

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05-17-2014, 06:39 AM
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If you asked me ten years ago I'd have said yes, I knew I was paying more for the brand, not the quality so much, but I was young and wanted to be cool.
If you ask me now I'll say no way. I have a set of so y headphones that cost 50 quid but I had a half price voucher so on,y paid 25 and I really love them,
05-17-2014, 10:14 AM
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I agree

They are not anything that special. Everyone gets them instead of Sony's or Logitech because Dr.Dre "made" them. I know he did not make them but he represents them I guess you would say. Since Dr.Dre made them, Beats headphones have more "swag".

I could use some Marshalls though, hehe

Mason Rogers
05-17-2014, 11:26 AM
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It's like Skullcandy, you're paying for the label. Sound quality is average at best.
05-19-2014, 04:44 PM
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I'd say invest in the best set of Sennheisers/Sonys that you can easily afford (and won't be too upset when you eventually break them). I tend to use a set of Sennheiser 275s out and about mostly because in-ears are just more portable and I like having the mic for calls etc.

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05-20-2014, 09:57 PM
Skullcandy 50/50's.
06-20-2015, 10:40 AM
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Follow up.... ( and the reason I am following up is that I had a guy at the phone store trying ever so hard to tell me that Beats headphones were made of the highest quality parts, and were worth every penny. ) That was yesterday, and then I saw this article today.



Additionally, and as anyone who has purchased Beats headphones can attest, the ridiculously excessive and elaborate packaging, while wholly unnecessary if not downright frustrating, also serves to create the illusion that you’ve just purchased a truly high-end quality product. Incidentally, Louie’s writes that the costs of materials used in a pair of $200 Beats headphones comes out to about $16.90 (not including R&D or labor costs). Still, those are some margins that even Apple has to be impressed with.

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06-20-2015, 08:23 PM
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If you are interested in some quality headphones - a couple of web sites that will help you a lot -


tons of information, reviews, forums, sales, etc.

if you want quality classifieds for all sorts of audiophile equipment, audiogon.com has been around a long, long time and you can find some great deals there if you are patient. Also people are very happy to answer serious questions about equipment.

That all being said - Beats are expensive because the market will bear it. There are many, many alternatives (some around $25) that outperform Beats... but for the people that love them - good for them. I am sure there are people in the world that love their Yugo cars as well....

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