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App description: Heavy breathing.
Hands shaking.
Hearts beating fast.

What happened to these people?
Yes. They Played "Impossible To Catch".

Catching a pen.

It sounds like the easiest game you've ever played.
It will be the biggest challenge you've ever experienced.

You may fail to catch just one pen, but this is no problem.
You're not alone. No one is born with an oversized "catch-gene".
But I will tell you a secret..
Your catch-genes and your reflexes will be trained, until you can catch even the fastest things on earth.

** "Impossible To Catch" even saves lives. **
Someday you may be able to catch a bullet with your fingertips.

- absolutely free for everyone
- beat the world within Game Center
- retina resolution supported
- improve your reflexes
- challenge yourself
- simple to learn, extremely hard to master
- minimalistic modern design

Never give up!
One day you'll be faster than light!

Gameheart-Studios's comments:


Impossible To Catch is out now for just 2 days and is nearly breaking the Top 200 in the first few countries.
It is a small reflex-based game in which you "simply" need to catch a pen.
You will soon notice, that it is of course much harder than it sounds.

I really hope you enjoy it and have fun with it!

Happy catching!