App description: Hurtle headlong through a kaleidoscopic space tunnel in this fast-paced action game that mixes twitch gameplay with physics.

Guide the ball by rotating the tunnel around it, in a race against the clock to get from one checkpoint to the next. Collect discs to get additional time and speed boosts. Master control of the ball, which bounces, spins and ramps as it hits the walls of the tunnel.

Headlong was designed and built by an indie developer and was in development for more than a year. There are no ads or in-app purchases - you get the full game when you buy it and you will get all future updates. If you enjoy the game, please take some time to leave a review - it helps me a lot and will allow me to continue to develop iOS and OS X games.

Some comments from players:

"I've never played a game with this sort of mechanic - it's like Marble Madness meets Temple Run"

"I found it difficult at first, but once I got used to controlling the ball I couldn't stop playing"

"It has the special sauce: when you die, it just feels like it was your fault"


Boardumb's comments:
This seems like it would be up someone's alley, or maybe it's just a Boson X clone?

08-10-2014, 09:16 AM
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This actually looks quite decent, surprised it went under the radar.