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App description: Adventurers, face your destiny in the DUNWITCH DUELS! Unique mix of classical RPG and spectacular match-3 combat in steampunk world!

Fight in match-3-based combat against evil monsters!
- Go head-to-head in EXCITING PVP TOURNAMENTS!
- Dominate the leaderboards!

- A brutal POLICE OFFICER, a deadly ADVENTURER, or a powerful MEDIUM?
- CUSTOMIZE your character with weapons and armor!
- CRAFT enchanted gear and become mighty!
- COLLECT epic loot drops as you explore the realm!

- Epic ACTION combat
- Single-player STORY MODE for those who explore dungeons alone
- Fight in lightning-fast BLITZ!


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mikeworld's comments:
Unique world
Dunwitch Duels is set in the beginning of the 18th century on an Earth populated with monsters. The world has not always been that way. Before the game began, scientists and inventors had been gradually making the discoveries that would usher in a new age, and mankind had been leisurely progressing toward a more enlightened existence. Then something devastating happened: a gateway to another world opened, and emanations of the most terrible nightmares poured through the opening and overwhelmed Earth with primal magic. Whatever the reason for the invasion, a new age had dawned: an age in which mankind strived not to advance science but to survive!

Adventure on the edge of life and death
Create your hero and then dive into a world filled with danger and betrayal! Develop skills, collect armor, and help the inhabitants of Dunwitch to shed light on the reason for the cataclysm that had changed their world.

A variety of battle modes
Two battle modes will hold you in suspense throughout your adventure. The combination of your unique spells and the skills of the enemies you fight will captivate you and render the outcome of each encounter unpredictable. Add to this the boosters and scrolls designed to help you win, and you have a game that will hold you in its grip even as you become its master!

Play with friends and make new ones!
When your life is at stake, true friendship is more valuable than gold! In Dunwitch Duels, you can invite your friends to participate in battles against monsters. The more friends you have, the more easily you'll win.

Dunwitch Duels is FREE
Download Dunwitch Duels and dive into a world of danger, mystery, and hostile creatures! A new world on the brink of death is in your hands! Dunwitch is waiting for its hero!


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