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Drop your wand and pick up your battle stones! Whether youre an experienced pro or a newbie to card collecting and battling, Dragonwood Academy will have you hooked.

"Dragonwood Academy will bring casual card battling to the masses" Carter Dotson, 148apps.com

"XMG Studio ... (is) delivering another great game." AppsMeNow.com

"Become the master of stones in XMGs Dragonwood Academy" Brandy Shaul, InsideMobileApps.com

As a wizard student at Dragonwood Academy The Wizard School for Gifted Youths, you strive to rule the school in this whimsical game of stones. In no time youll be unleashing torrents of entrapped magical creatures on your schoolyard rivals, casting powerful spells and competing for eternal bragging rights on the ever-changing battlefield.


CASUAL STONE-BATTLING FRENZY: In minutes the intuitive gameplay will have you battling stones and wielding skills from lightning to fireballs and archery to sorcery.

WIN HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE STONES: Expand your deck with over 400 stunning stones to collect, battle, and evolve. Create a near endless variety of teams to devastate opponents.

DISCOVER ENCHANTED TREASURE CHESTS: Find fabulous trinkets and trade them for battle stones.

WONDERFUL WIZARD WARDROBES: Fully customize your wizard with outfits ranging from snazzy to battle-ready. Then get back out there for more action!

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05-22-2014, 06:31 PM
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Game Impressions

The game featuring as "Best New Games" on App store. But,whatever...

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05-27-2014, 10:50 AM
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Only thing I can say is that I played it a bit and two of my cards suddenly turned into confused-looking goblins, like the game suddenly can't find the correct image to display and showed a placeholder instead. It already is a simple game, why are there bugs like this?

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