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iPad: Turbo Force

05-23-2014, 06:11 AM
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Turbo Force

I'll artificial then get you by even larger fish now that even larger fish is contaminated with oil and a weak ass that even larger fish and then we eat it cooking the animals not going to get rid of the oil it becomes part of the meat so why do we consume it that way we consume you know this flexible animal would have been told you need to meet me to get protein diet but how many grams protein was supposed to get the video world okay in terms the gram Sabah per day it be about World Health Organization just forty to fifty got that forty would-be for the average female adult math that would be to have it mailed out but funny I will tell the kids and I we learned this recently myself to I mean you know going to my whole life and never really bothering to find out nobody ever bothered to tell me it's like you know saying here have the keys my cargo you know pick up some stuff for me go get my groceries but I did teach you how to drive a carTurbo Force teaching kids you go eat it but not teach him how or how much now again let me show you how easy it into get protein I especially here in the United States alright your standard American diet for breakfast you got your bacon you got your cow’s milk and you got your head periods alright how many slices how many slices the bacon with you what now I do you may not be back now but how many slices do you remember as a kid maybe made it to okay it's like this five grams to pounds 5 I it how many eggs would you want to EJ has six grams so we had twelve plus10 way to have a glass of milk one glass his glasses a grams so you are at what 30 United done with practice that's not including the toast with Cal but he might put on it so United that with breakfast and you’re almost at the limit the average American does not need to worry about getting enough protein may need to worry about getting too much protein that's why the United States has the highest rates of obesity in the entire world alright the people it has a tease where you only need ready the protein from by all the Sun like holy shit like it solves a done me like I have been without protein for the last eight years let's go to renounce get a Big Mac