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App description: Blox 3D is a fun and easy way for kids to learn 3D modelling. Create beautiful objects in a simple and intuitive manner using tap and double tap to delete.Add animated objects like gears,propellers and wheels to make them come alive.Blox 3D has been designed to develop children's creativity and visualization skills.

...Super nice 3d building blocks app. simple to use
allows creativity to flow in our little builders ..
...Cool little app that allows kids to build their
own 3d block creations...
"...One strength of the app is that its really easy to start creating.."
"...Parents have commented on how artistic it allows
kids to be, incredibly responsive controls....."

*Designed for 5-8 yrs. age group,intuitive controls and simple menu.
*Turntable mode rotates and builds 3D models as a teaching tool.
*No IAPs, No Ads and No TRACKING.
*No sounds, flashy animations or distracting pop-ups.

Have questions, problems or feedback?
Reach out to us at info@appymonkeys.com.
Company website:www.appymonkeys.com

Karthik R.'s comments:
Im from Appy Monkeys, a developer of kid's apps.

We developed Blox 3d to teach kids how to make 3d models a la Lego on tablets and mobile devices.Build planes, trains,animals ,pretty much anything under the sun!
The simple UI and unique workflow lets kids develop their creativity and visualization ability and its pretty unique on the App Store.
No IAPs or subscriptions,just good clean building fun and available on Ios,Android and Windows!


Screens,Download Links and Press Kit available on our Product Page here:

Itunes Link:
https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/blox-3d/id839929590? mt = 8

Please help us get the word out to parents,its priced at 1.99 USD on the App Store.
If you want to review it ,we'll be happy to send you a promo code.

Get in touch if you need more details,
Appy Monkeys