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Name off excellent iPad games not in the Top 200

05-26-2014, 09:15 PM
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Name off excellent iPad games not in the Top 200

Hello peeps.

Just a little backstory; I'm fairly new to the forums of Touch Arcade, but I've owned an iPod Touch since the 1st Generation so I've seen it from the beginning, but I've been out of loop since iOS 4.x.x. I just recently got an iPad Mini and I'm looking into buying super, excellent games that have come out for since. I'm into all kinds of games so just shoot the ones you HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Here's a list of reference of games I own to give you an idea of what games I own and love to play:
* FTL: Faster Than Light
* XCOM: Enemy Unknown
* Pocket Tanks Deluxe
* Sonic CD
* Sonic Allstars Transformed
* Sonic 2
* Jet Car Stunts
* Jet Car Stunts 2
* Anomaly HD
* Rayman Run
* Doom
* COD: BO Zombies
* Machinarium

That's about all the games I own on the iPad Mini. Hit me with your games that you recommend!
05-28-2014, 08:24 AM
Just got an iPad myself and came up with this list of iPad onlys:

-FTL (no-brainer)
-Shadowrun Returns (highly recommend..only one I've gotten very deep into as of yet..if you like XCOM, go for it)
-Thomas Was Alone (wouldn't recommend)
-Aquaria (an enjoyable Ecco/Metroid-ish hybrid so far)
-Crabitron (amusing but hand-taxing controls)

--Haven't played--

-Surgeon Simulator
-Frozen Synapse
-Spin Up
-Splice: Tree Of Life
-Greed Corp
-Pandemic: The Board Game