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OK! Flappy : Real-Time Global Illumination

05-27-2014, 09:45 PM
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The real challenge : Real-Time Global Illumination

Hey guys,

I implemented Real-Time Global Illumination(GI) for mobile devices.

My work also contains various cool stuff like Bump Map, Specular Map, Dynamic Full Shadow, HDR, DOF, God Ray, Subsurface Scattering, SSAO, etc.

I attached two test demo video clips, check it out !

1. Without Global Illumination

Youtube link | Pop Up

2. With Global Illumination

Youtube link | Pop Up

Can you feel the difference? the 2nd one is more real for the various light source, because my GI support 'Radiosity'.

Tha minimum required device is iPhone4S, and if you have a iPhone5/5S,
iPad Mini(Retina) or iPad Air, you will experience more real 3D expression.

To test its feasibility, I'm making a 'Flappy Bird' styled game.
But it's not just 'Flappy Bird' styled game, it's an awesome 'OK! Flappy'!

I'm focusing on finding proper difficulty of the game.
Next time, I will show the screenshots and demo movie of 'OK! Flappy'.

ps. Do you have an idea of my GI engine's name? I'm hopeless at naming :-)

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