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App description: New game of the 10 million cumulative download puzzle series!
Clear the spirit popomu and collect the magic power!

Game introduction
Witch Apprentice Puzzle is a puzzle game about the witch apprentice "Cranberry" and her spirit "Popomu".
Clear the magical enchantment within the move count of each stage to finish the game!

How to Play
Connect spirit of the same coloir to clear them!
You can connect any 3 spirit of the same color in any direction!
Clear the magical enchantment within the move count to finish a stage!

Combining 7 spirits produces "star egg" while combining 10 produces "mini-cranberry"! Tap them to activate their special effects!
Mastering these two items can help you to finish the game easily!

There are now 60 stages and more will be added soon!

This is a story of Cranberry who is the granddaughter of the great witch, Rosa, in the magical world.

On a sunny afternoon, when Cranberry is flying back home, she feels the abnormal atmosphere. The sky looks dim and blur even though there are no clouds in the sky.
Back to home, Cranberry tells Rosa about this.
Already felt the abnormal situation, Rosa takes a magical egg out and starts casting spells on it.
After that, she passes the egg to Cranberry and says:
"Trace the magical power path and use this egg to collect all the magical power."

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