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iPhone: Try Slope Rider for free! Slope Rider Lite is out!

08-24-2009, 04:25 AM
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Try Slope Rider for free! Slope Rider Lite is out!

Hey everyone,

I'm very pleased to announce the free version of Slope Rider, Slope Rider Lite has been approved and is available now on the App Store.

Here are some screenshots and the product description:

Get a taste of the best snowboarding game for your iPhone. Slope Rider Lite, a FREE version of the ultimate snowboarding game, available now for iPhone and iPod Touch!

If you like Slope Rider Lite, you should download the FULL version of Slope Rider RIGHT NOW!


Praise for the FULL version of Slope Rider

“The action in Slope Rider is pretty fast; there’s a real sense of speed, which tends to be underscored when you get abruptly intimate with a pine.”
“Overall I really enjoyed Slope Rider.”
“For the price ... I’d say you’re getting a bargain; Slope Rider is a pretty slick, well-presented game that’s plenty of fun.”
- Frapstr.com

“Slope Rider is a damn good game.”
“Awesome 3D graphics, fluid and smooth.”
“Tons of courses that are varied and extensive.”
“Controls are solid.”
- Rich_952000

“Great game, cannot leave it alone!”
- Ooo2beA

“If you like snowboarding, you should like this.”
- macmonkey_1975


The wildly successful 3D snowboarding game for the Mac has been carefully redesigned specifically for iPhone's unique interface - meaning a faster, smoother ride and controls that handle like a dream.

Slope Rider is an adrenalin-pumping, high-speed ride that delivers an awesome extreme sports experience without the reality of broken bones, frozen fingers and hours of queuing.

Feel the thrill of carving up the powder-covered slopes as a freestyle trick master or a high-velocity alpine racer with endless hours of gameplay.

Conquer a varied course packed with jumps, half-pipes, rails and breakneck high-speed turns. Grab the FULL version of Slope Rider for 13 complete and varied courses!

Pull off hundreds of insane trick combos for ultimate points and power down the mountain to shave milliseconds off your fastest time.

Choose from two different riders and nail faster times, more freestyle points and master new tick combos. Check out the FULL version for four different characters.

After you’ve had a blast with the LITE version, grab the FULL version which includes:

- 13 different courses. Three playable at the beginning, remaining 10 unlockable by gaining Career Points.
- Four characters. Two freestyle riders and two alpine racers.
- Two game modes – freestyle (trick) and alpine (race).
- Hundreds of tricks available by combining grabs, flips and turns.
- Career statistics including personal best scores, times and mastered tricks.
- AGON powered online scoreboards and social features.
(available with an internet connection).
- Smooth fast 3D graphics.
- Rocking in-menu and in-game music by Andrew Crow and Callum Boyd.
- Level of detail options, game speed options and accelerometer sensitivity options.
- Sound effects options.

Click here to download Slope Rider Lite
Click here to download Slope Rider
08-24-2009, 06:10 AM
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Glad to see Apple got the lite through Monte

Slope Rider is an excellent, fun game and everyone should at least give the lite version a shot. I've been enjoying the full game since it's release and the update that came out recently blew me away! Have fun

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08-24-2009, 06:11 AM
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Thanks for the kind words Rich! Yes, it got through Apple's review in about 11 days, no problems!