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App description: The greatest Creepy Pasta Onslaught offer you the best creepy pasta terrors of all time. From Slenderman, Herobrine, Jeff the Killer until Ticci Toby, Mystery Twins and many more appear to haunt you.

No more anxiety greater than all of them together make terror and lurking around haunt you.

Could you find all clues to escape?

Use headphones when playing, especially at night and alone!

here its the review from the player:

He Scares me ***** by Paul Damron0
Love the game and I like the fact that he can go through walls,also that he doesn't move his arms or legs. Also it would be pretty cool if herobrine would just stalk you from the distance when you don't have many pages and then he chases you when you have more pages, now that would be awesome!

games ***** by creepypasta all the time
I LOVED IT since it had so many creepypastas I was so happy since I looked up creepypasta and don't get exactly what I wanted then I looked up masky and found this. first I downloaded slendermans forest and the Jeff the killer investigation game and they scared the crap outta me then I found this and I was like8DDDDDDDDDD

Cool creepy pasta ***** by Nancy gurt
I started playing Jeff The Killer so I wint down the rode he was ther so I died plz Spaun him far FAR away when I saw him it scared the crap out of me