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App description: *** Completely free to play! ***

The fight for the final resources of the once powerful kingdom of Grimfall has begun!

Become the most powerful ruler in this city-building strategy game, secure the most fertile building spaces and conquer your enemies' villages!

Ever since the fateful volcano eruption, the land has laid under black clouds and a deadly cold devastated the harvest. Up until he fell ill, the King was able to keep order with his iron fist, but now the sceptre falls from his weakened hand.

Create your kingdom in a raw, medieval world and send your army out to plunder other players. Secure the best locations for yourself in a living and constantly changing game environment; reign over the game round with an undefeatable army and powerful alliances!

Awaiting you in-game:
A huge, lovingly hand-crafted game world
Rounds with time limits
Fights for ever more scarce resources
Form powerful alliances with shared troop stationing
Found villages and construct a multitude of varying buildings
Conduct smart tactical research and trading
Expansive tutorial and countless quests
High score tables with premium rewards

Don't delay, conquer Grimfall!
06-01-2014, 06:22 PM
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Game Impressions

Timer,IAPs. And the game has no sound. Seems this is a very bad game for me.

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