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Pixel Puzzle Word Search - Word search for grownups!

06-04-2014, 12:23 AM
Pixel Puzzle Word Search - Word search for grownups!

Pixel Puzzle Word Search is our new Word Search game for people over twelve.

• Words that turn and twist instead of going in straight lines.

No word list! Instead, you're given a theme, and all words must fit the theme.

• As you match words, it reveals parts of the theme image behind the puzzle. Uncover the whole image, and you solve the puzzle!

We don't pull punches! With search words like "Migratory" and "Municipality", you won't be stumbling on many words easily. You'll have to bring your "A" game.

• We also reward a bit of cultural literacy. Want to solve the Pulp Fiction puzzle? It will really help to know what happens in the movie. Want to solve the Astronauts puzzle? Might want to brush up on who "Laika" was. You can solve the puzzles without knowing these things, but it's a lot easier if you do!

• Stumped? You're in luck! "Bzzt" and "Bzzount", the handy word search robots, provide a convenient hint system for when you get stuck. (But you won't, will you?)

TWO HUNDRED hand-crafted puzzles, with themes ranging from sports, to movies, to cuisine, to American history. Can you solve them all?


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