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App description: When it comes to the human body, the brain has an astonishing ability to adapt and change, even into old age. The brains incredible ability to reform itself holds true when it comes to learning and memory. Therefore, KLAP has come up with a game that envelops the enhancement of memory power, attention, flexibility, speed and problem solving skills.
Mind Teaser consists of multiple games, each with many levels that aims at helping your child develop and boost their brain power. Mind Teaser is designed to heighten a childs memory, attention span, speed, flexibility and problem solving skills. A few of the aforementioned games are as follows:

Same to same Connect the similar objects to get through to the next level. As the level goes up, the stage gets more difficult. This game helps with memory power and problem solving abilities.

Match them together Remember the objects shown on the screen before it disappears and match them. This game boosts memory power, speed and attention span.

Odd one out Pick the odd object out in order to get to the next level. It helps with memory power and attention span.

Tile Puzzle Rearrange the tiles to form the picture that will be shown on the screen before the game begins. Puzzles are good for problem solving skills and flexibility.

Shadow Match Match objects to the shadows that appear on the screen. This game will boost the\ speed and problem solving abilities.

Show Me the Way Help the baby reach its mother. Create a path and lead the way. This game helps with problem solving and flexibility.

klapedu's comments:
Hey all,

KLAP has launched 'Mind Teasers,' an app that will jog your brain through a series of puzzles that will help you stimulate brain power!

Updates have also been made to the game, like bug fixes, new animations and extra bonus coins!

DOWNLOAD NOW >> https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/mind-teasers/id833363962?mt=8