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These cute zombies want to ask you on a date, but if they touch you, you die. So blow their f***ing brains out. #pulphorror

This is something new. Give it a shot. But if they bite your head off, don't come crying to me.

Take your zombie hunting skills to the max by shooting hipster zombies from the 1950's.

This game has a cool retro-vibe and color as well as music to make the game even better.

Try to beat others highscores with Game Center scoreboards. (Right now I am in the lead.. so step up your game zombie hunters!!)

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Mangaloverme's comments:

I am Henry Sorren, a 19 year old American, living in Taiwan. I have made a horror series called "Pulp Horror" exclusively for ios devices. It is like the twilight zone, a short, weird, thought provoking horror game that comes out every weekend. I havent seen anything else like this so far, and I am trying to push the envelope with the visuals and storylines within my games. So far we have 2 already released and 9 more set to come out in the coming weeks. Please check it out!

Pulp Horror # 1 - Moth Man:

Pulp Horror # 2 - Retro Zombies:
promo: Y7JHT4P3RTPM

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