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Music Composer looking to create quality, unique, and memorable music for your game!

06-09-2014, 12:16 PM
Music Composer looking to create quality, unique, and memorable music for your game!

Hey everyone!

My name is Ryan Brady and I am a Music Composer for hire.

Here is my Demo Reel:https://soundcloud.com/ryan-a-brady/...4-ryan-a-brady

And here are just a few reasons why you want to consider hiring me for original music:

-Ive been studying, playing, and composing music for over ten years

-I can compose in a wide variety of styles, and can adapt my music well to fit the purpose of the scene, level, character, etc..

-Although composing and producing music is very fun for me, I take it very seriously and strive to create the best production possible.

-Im friendly, open-minded, and easy to work with

-My going rate is very reasonable (PM or e-mail me for details).

-But the best part is that if you would like to consider me for your project, I will compose a song for your game before you hire me to see if I would be a good fit or not. There would be no strings attached-- all I would ask is that you provide me with a scene or scenario youd like me to compose for with some added information like back story, artwork (if you have any), and possibly a reference track for an idea of the sound youd like.
If you like the song and would like to license it for your game, great! If you dont want to use it and decide Im not the best match, no problem!

This way we will both know ahead of time if my music and abilities fit well for your game so we can both avoid future headaches.

If youre interested, I would love to hear from you!
You can PM me or e-mail me at ryanbradymusic@gmail.com

Im also available to skype

Thanks and have a great day!