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iPad: Maschimé Village (by Fredrik Nyberg)

06-09-2014, 12:34 PM
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Maschimé Village (by Fredrik Nyberg)

06-09-2014, 01:43 PM
definitely gonna buy this one.the artwork looks great.

The Gameplay:

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06-09-2014, 03:18 PM
Game Impressions

06-10-2014, 01:07 AM
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This game is adorable. It's safe for all ages, and I suspect it's very short. I say 'suspect', because it's so horribly optimized that I couldn't force myself to play more than a few minutes. Loading times are atrocious, input recognition lag is noticeable, and the game chugs while scrolling. This is surprising given the game's South-Park-like aesthetic, and that my iPad can handle XCom, Battle Academy, etc. with no problems.

Optimization aside...

You're presented with a long strip of a lively village. There's traffic, and people, and tapping on just about anything of interest will yield an amusing interaction or response. Kind of like mimes meet Monkey Island meet Teletubbies in that respect.

Early on, tapping a rock caused it to roll away, revealing tiny little retro weightlifters in vintage swimming attire. No, really. And the game is full of these moments.

The art is every bit as good as it looks in the screenshots, and reminds me of Year Walk.

The main conceit is a Zelda- like trading game. Double-tapping on certain areas will zoom in on a scene, or load a simple mini game. In each scene, something or someone wants something, and often has something someone else wants. This leads the player to explore with the aim of finding a sequence of trades that will make everyone happy.

An early example: Zooming in on a lighthouse showed me that the torch mechanism 'wanted' a replacement bulb, via a speech bubble with a picture of a bulb. Nestled in the machinery were some Groucho Marx glasses that a snowman I'd met earlier had asked for.

Mini games are fun and kept fairly straightforward. An early one involved swiping branches out of a river and dragging them to matching outlines between ice floes to allow a turtle to go to a party. Horrible, unresponsive controls made this far harder than it should have been.

The game doesn't seem to use written words, so it's even safe for the pre-school crowd. I finished pre-school long ago, but I quite enjoyed the few minutes I spent with it... Until the horrible optimization scared me away. Caveat emptor.