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Shadow Sun IOS help

06-10-2014, 05:09 PM
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Shadow Sun IOS help

So I'm sure there's thread for this but since there's 700+ posts about other games I don't have time to just cycle through them all. I'm playing shadowsun right now I'm trying to get through the swamp, there any tricks to that boss? The flying ghoul thing with the skeleton minions I get totally raped here. I got my dog there with me along with the fat monk dude I'm kind if set up like a rogue, light armor, one healing spell, a skill that stuns for a second another attack that increases damage to stunned monsters, I can lay a couple traps and some kind of whirlwind ability, I've pretty much bought most of my equipment except the meteorite sword I had made for finding the 10 pieces. If it's levels I need then is there a good place to go to get levels? Since leveling up is rather slow in this game, any help is appreciated, thanks. Also where the heck do I find the place to go for the ghal contract the one that says kill ghals plus extra points for the leader but no one knows where he's at. Thanks again for the help.