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App description: Prepare to pilot Steve, a half robot bear with a jetpack on his back, on his quest for vengeance. Steve claims that all of the cute little birds from other games have killed his family ( although lets be honest, can you really trust anything a half robot bear says?). He is now on a mission to bring justice to his alleged family. Help Steve ( or risk having no fun playing this game ) on this quest to eat as many birds as possible and stay in the air!

-Ability to eat birds!
-Ability to fly up and down!
-Sound Effects!
-And even music!!!!
-Cool 3d graphics! -- With a robot bear!!!!!
-Super high tech ability to play in landscape or portrait!!!!

1pxOff's comments:
Hey everyone! I made a corny, goofy game in a week to blow off some steam from working on another game. The game turned out to be really fun so I decided to release it. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

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06-13-2014, 10:28 PM
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Here is a link to my "upcoming" post about SLARFB. It has a little bit of backstory on why I made the game: