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[Game Android Free ] Sum King - Prodigy Math

06-16-2014, 12:36 PM
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[Game Android Free ] Sum King - Prodigy Math

Math is pretty tough course and requires a lot of thinking about math ... How about game of math?? ..

One type of calculation plus the challenges of mental speed and your hand .. You can pass many problem. Do you have tips on how to play the game yet??? If not cover liability, you should try this game.

Sum King Game is a representative of the genre will be enough to give you exciting feeling mixed feelings excited beyond the old score and Conquer new scores.

With Sum King you will be faced with the problem of community seemed simple enough but to bring a challenge. You will not be calculated because applications that game will give you a wonderful time with tube beads tiny bubbles slowly fly up, tube time equivalent to 1.5 seconds and the tube exhausted time that you do not find the right answer, you'll have .... Game Over!

The question that you will encounter in the game is to find the sum of two numbers, two answers will be placed relatively close together at the bottom to choose from. And if you choose wrong ... Game Over!
The game will save the highest score and your current score, the highest score you achieve will be limited, but you have to overcome yourself and the evidence of your achievements calculations. It would be fun if you can play with your friends and find out who is Sum King!!

* Trick *:

To quickly find the results, rather than looking at the entire results ... you may have noticed that the last digit of the two answers.

Facebook post game function of existing bug. If the device you have installed the Facebook app, you can crash the game or are not able to post up Facebook. The reason is that the Facebook version of the app on your device older than Facebook using the sdk that game. The fix: you just need to install the latest Facebook app on google play store and everything will be great as always.!! I wish you happy playing! See who is what Sum King!!!
06-16-2014, 11:42 PM
Joined: May 2014
Posts: 4
Version 1.1 upgrade. facebook update fixes