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Old 06-18-2014, 03:40 AM
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Default Jewel LORI - (BY LV1)

This is a super refreshing jewel matching game, You’ll find your perfect match with 4 breathtaking modes, Swap jewels to match 3 or more and create waves of excitement and brilliant visuals, lovely LORI ability to help you make use of ultra-super-chain pairing!

Iphone-iTunes Link:

Here's free promo code, first come first serve:


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Old 06-18-2014, 08:43 AM
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97Y7LNP76NL3 thank you!
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Old 06-18-2014, 08:48 AM
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Redeemed using 69EM4Y9AM66W. Thanks

EDIT: Where can I report bugs?

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Old 06-18-2014, 08:27 PM
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9N7RH397LRNJ taken...

thanks a lot!
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Old 06-23-2014, 11:00 AM
Lavender Lavender is offline
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Bright and colorful game. The anime artwork is cute and joyful.
It is a match game with a story and a cute dog that cries when you fail. Funny.

Admittedly, I am confused by the score system. Sometimes I win the match game and other times the dog shows up and tells me I failed. But; I feel like I've spent near the same amount of time on either and made near the same amount of matches. The app description states there are 4 breathtaking modes, but I don't know where they are.
Not knowing how to play, is a very expensive proposition.

Let me explain:
This game is advertised as a PAID app. (App store description states:
$0.99->Free 1 week ) And; the developer was generous to give out promo codes. Or was he?......
Each level has a certain amount of levels within them to beat. You need 3 stars n each one.
I believe there is approximately 24 levels each with 6 levels or sections to get or win 3 stars in. Because I don't understand the scoring system, and I found no instruction, I am unsure how to get the 3 stars. You have to get all 3 stars in each level in order to advance to the next level or section of another 6 sections to beat. So, I kept playing each one until I made the 3 stars. I was on the 1-6 (1st level, 6th section of 3 stars) and then all of a sudden, I find that I can't play anymore because apparently I am out of lightning bolts and haven't earned enough action values to buy more. Every time you start or restart a section, it costs 1 lightning bolt. I think they are called 'action values.'
I select the bolts and get "spend 50 gems for 10 action values."
Okay then. How do I get gems? IAP: .99˘ for 100 gems | $4.99 - 500 | Etc
You can also purchase coins with the gems. 100 gems for 5000 coins | 500 gems - 225000 | Etc.
You do earn some coins during gameplay. I'm not sure what they are used for. I suspect it is for opening he next section of 6 levels. I haven't earned any gems. I don't know if gems can be earned in game? Note: I played up to level 1-6. Including playing them over several times to make sure I earned 3 stars in each section, except for 6-1, where I earned 2. Here's the redeeming quality, if you can call it that, in this paid app. You earn the bolts by waiting.....waiting...... waiting..... I might have this wrong. It might be 1 bolt every 15 minutes? I left the game on for several hours last night and this morning, and earned only 10. So; I don't know if there's a cut off.
Here's the thing. As a PAID app, this doesn't seem like a PAID app.
I am so happy that I did not pay for this one. And; I almost did. Luckily & thankfully, I was able to redeem a promo code. I have 3 kids that were interested in the game. My foster kids were willing to pay for it with their gift cards. I would have been livid if they paid for a game that they couldn't keep playing without paying more $$. Foster kids don't have or make very much money. Even a dollar is a lot. And; a lot of times, I gift apps to them. How sad it would have been if I did that. Because of their special needs and youth, & inability to understand the game, they would have played for maybe, a 1/2 hour.
I still say that it's a cute game. Funny too. But; way too expensive and time consuming for a game that I would have already paid for especially since the developer did not disclose any of this in the App Store description. It only shows an iap for 100 gems.

6/18 - Promo codes given out (in promo section) also announced the game in iphone & ipad games
6/19 - $0.99->FREE ONE WEEK - In price drops section
6/20 - Announced game as free in iphone & ipad games
I do not know if this is free indefinately or temporary?? But... still states free for 1 week in App Store description.
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Old 06-23-2014, 11:49 AM
quebecotr quebecotr is offline
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Wonderful!!! Another IAP crap fest... Seems there are more and more of these. That's why I try to support the devs who are still willing to offer a full game for the money I can spare for gaming. To me, it's the only honest-to-goodness transaction in the App Store.

All hail the dev who wants me to actually play his game and who is proud of the experience he is offering me. All boo to the devs who want nothing more than to offer me a crass way to pour money into their pockets...
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