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The Itsbanking show starring Laura, Christie, Callie and Mike

08-25-2009, 09:57 PM
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The Itsbanking show starring Laura, Christie, Callie and Mike

Let's see. I had needed to change my bank info where my payments would be sent since my old bank account had to be closed. Found out that you can't change via iTunes connect. the only way to do that was through itsbanking which is the part of Apple that handles financial matters concerning iPhone devs/iTunes connect. Well they sent me the form ( I believe in the email the reps name was Mike) and told me to fill out my new info and email/fax/etc back and that it takes 10 days after itsbanking recieves it for my newi info to be officially changed. Well I filled it out and emailed it back with my customer/refrence number on the 10th. August. Great. Well I get a reply email on the 13th same month from Christie saying that all had been recieved and again allow 10 days for my new info to be official and to keep in mind that it won't show up on iTunes connect but it will be updated. Super. Nope. Days had passed and I submitted my app on the 23rd thinking hey well by the time Apple approves it I should be way in the clear since I got the email saying my info was recieved on the 13th. Well I happened to email itsbanking with my previous refrence number to just double check on my new info and Callie tells me in the reply email that my email wasn't recieved?! WTF? So then I reply with my conformation email from the 13th from Christie and tell them what I was told. Well I get a email today from Laura telling me to resend my form!!!! Anyway....*

What will happen if my app goes live on the AppStore and my bank info is jacked? Can Apple wire the funds or something. And does anyone know if specifically itsbanking has a number so I can get this straight with one individual?
08-26-2009, 03:55 AM
i think we are the season 1 of this show. Been trying to fix our account for 3 months already. we are at the Laura stage which i think is the last boss. so hopefully we will see the end of this.