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App description: High flying, non stop side-scrolling arcade action with a jetpack and a cow!


Avoid obstacles, collect items, unlock trophies and compete for the highest score in this side-scrolling, endless flying arcade action game about a lonely cow and his trusted jetpack! Enemies wait for your around every corner! Easy to play, difficult to master!

Nothing comes between a cow and his jetpack! Why flap like a bird when you can fly like a cow?!


In a world where donuts are the size of pigs and bees are the size of seagulls, one cow will be tested like never before: he will have to make the choice of going up...and sometimes going down. Fly Timothy across the streets of London to investigate the strange activities of unidentified flying saucers and theatrically dramatic clouds.

Soar majestically above the roof tops of Scotland. Avoid common airborne obstacles like thunder storms, intelligence-challenged bees and arrows from angry gnome archers. Also enjoy some real home-made lemonade and the life saving energy field it creates. How many roof tops and church spires can you traverse without your skull being engulfed in a fiery explosion of pain?

Its the year 2020 and everything is exactly as it is in 2014.


- A cow wearing a jetpack!
- Bees!
- Clouds!
- ...other stuff!

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