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App description: Once again the mighty shark finds itself on the end of a fishing line, but not for long! Your goal is to guide the shark through perilous waters and avoid obstacles. Eat as much as possible to regain your energy and keep your speed levels high. Don't look back now, but the boat is chasing you closely, so try avoid it as long as possible! Did you get caught again? Don't worry, break the line and try again. Maybe next time you will set the all-time global high score!

Great Shark Escape is a retro-inspired game with pixel graphics and mobile touch screen controls. Quick gameplay sessions are perfect for mobile devices. Survive as long as you can while escaping your certain fate and try to get the highest score possible.

Features include:
- Retro-inspired pixel graphics
- Classic 8-Bit style sounds and music
- Smooth touch controls
- Game Center leaderboards

jonwilliamsdev's comments:
Hello TouchArcade forum readers. I'd like to give you a heads up on my new iPhone game release, Great Shark Escape, releasing on June 26th, 2014.

For those of you interested I thought I'd share some of my backstory with you. I didn't disclose any of this on my app info as the general users won't care, but I know the folks on these forums have a much greater involvement and interest in developers, which is great!

My name is Jonathan Williams and I recently lost my job. The large corporate owner of the company decided to discontinue some of the products it offered, and a group of people were subsequently let go. Before attempting to get back into the traditional “rat race”, I decided to give mobile game development another try.

I say ‘another’ as I have actually made apps for iOS before. My wife and I partnered up years ago and released a couple small games and an app. That eventually subsided as we were forced to focus more on our regular jobs.

I’ve decided to give it another try though, this time on my own. However this has been interesting, as I have no knowledge of any specific programming language. I’ve taken to using one of the various software that allows you to create games without knowing any programming. Those applications can sometimes come with a bad reputation, but I hope to be able to shed that stigma through hard work and smart logic.

My first game (Great Shark Escape) is an admittedly simple game. It’s original purpose was to teach me the software, and it did a great job of that. After working on it for a while I decided I should put it on the App Store anyways even though it was not originally intended to be sold. The game is a free app which is supported by ads with the option to remove them with a $0.99 in-app purchase.

I definitely plan on making more games very soon. I’m about to start on my next title, and I hope to improve on my previous title both in scale and complexity, as well as overall quality.

Thanks for reading any of those who did! If you download my game and like it, I can't stress how much I would appreciate a review on iTunes. It would help a ton.