App description: Winner of the National Multimedia Awards
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4 Planets, 80 Levels and 240 stars to collect.
New Bonus Levels!
Unique gameplay, great graphics and music.
Use your perception of physics to draw
a path for "Z" .
Collect as many stars as you can. Two are easy but to get
all three youll have to use your neuronz!
The less string you use more score you get.
Gamecenter with Achievements and Leaderboards.
Collectibles (Ztamps) shareable on Facebook.
Price drop.
Universal Version!
Zoom in and out for precision drawing.
Remembers best solution for each level.


Z is a cute blue alien that got trapped in a spatial wreck
while exploring his galaxy.

Your mission is to draw a path for Z back to his rocket
creating a unique combination of strings and elastics over which Z
will roll over or bounce. String and elastic are limited so use them wisely!

On the way down try to catch all three stars to score and unlock new Planets
with more challenging levels.
Each planet brings a new feature: Lasers, Bombs, Vortexes...

#1 Appstore Bestseller (Games>>Puzzle) Portugal
#Top 30 Appstore (Games>>Puzzle) USA
#Top 30 Appstore (Games>>Puzzle) 30 other Countries
ZON Multimedia Prize Award Winner. (Top National Multimedia Award Prize"
AppCircus Finalist in Lisbon - EU

"...looking for a real challenge at a decent price tag,
you might want to check this one out. RYAN WINBERG
This was a surprisingly good game... if you are a physics puzzler fanatic,
check out StringZ.

"Another quality physics based puzzle"
It's so cute!!!I love the graphics!
"I also love the thinking involved! It's a great concept!!"
StringZ-HD a little Gem... "Another quality physics based puzzle"...


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Any thoughts on this one from TAers? I may TOFTT if I don't see any imps soon.

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