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App description: Betract is a puzzle game that will bend your mind. Simply add the numbers while trying to avoid subtractions!

The rules are simple:
- The game starts off like 2048 but allows you to move in six directions.
- Equal numbers are added (2->2 gives 4, 4->4 gives 8, etc.)
- Halves will subtract (2->4 gives 2, 4->8 gives 4, etc.)

When you start collecting higher numbers you should watch your fingers, a wrong swipe can easily wipe out your 128 (or 256..)!

- Betracted when you fancy a challenge.
- Casual is a lot easier and plays like 2048.
- Impossible is only for the pros!

How are you doing?
- You'll see your best and fastest scores at each stage!
- Compare your score on the leaderboards.
- Get the achievements before your friends do!

Inspired by 2048, 1024 and Threes!

modoma's comments:

Hi I'm the developer of Betract. Please give it a try and let me know if you like it!