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App description: Evil Defenders is a fun, frenetic defense game with a bit of humor thrown in. Featuring beautiful graphics and challenging gameplay, Evil Defenders lets you build and upgrade powerful defensive towers, use special landmarks unique to each map, and cast spells to repel enemy forces as you defend the Lands of Evil from invaders.
Evil Defenders has a huge amount of gameplay and offers the ability to play the game in many different ways through unique tower upgrades, a deep skill tree and 100 in-game achievements.
This is the Defense Game for true fans of the genre!
The challenge continues with six modes of difficulty and 90 levels across 15 distinct mission maps. Fight for evil!
A Huge number of upgrades and 60 towers with distinct abilities and features: the Old Crypt, the Crossbow Goblin, the Poison Lord, the Basilisk and more;
Five regions: Wastelands, Frostlands, Highlands, Island and Inferno;
Six difficulty modes, including a Challenge mode, for unlimited battle practice;
Unique landmarks for every location, such as The Altar of the Winds, The Toxic Swamp, The Treasure Chest and others;
Extensive Skill Tree to upgrade your defenses;
100 in-game achievements;
Leaderboards so you can see where you stack up against your friends!
iCloud-enabled multi-device synchronization;
Multi-language Support including: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese;
Massive gameplay, beautiful graphics and an immersive original soundtrack!

Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad Mini.
Not compatible with IPhone 4, IPod 4th Generation

Official website: http://www.evildefenders.com

Join the Evil Defenders Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EvilDefenders
06-25-2014, 10:02 PM
Is this the same game as before just free?

06-26-2014, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by o0oJAKEo0o View Post
Is this the same game as before just free?
It looks like the dev pulled the premium Little Bit Evil, and released this freemium version instead. Don't you love it when devs do that?
06-26-2014, 03:24 PM
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The premium game was great. It did get quite grindy for me towards the later levels. Too bad it did not do well enough for it to stay in the store. I would not touch a freemium version with a ten foot pole, just on general principals (yeah, I am pissed they pulled the old game).

Game Center: MarinasideSteve

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06-27-2014, 08:08 AM
1 star and 0 respect for that move, I spent money on Little Bit Evil
06-29-2014, 05:10 AM
Game Impressions

New Version:
Old Version:

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06-30-2014, 01:38 AM
Originally Posted by London-SV View Post
1 star and 0 respect for that move, I spent money on Little Bit Evil
Yeah, I feel your pain. I bought both versions of the original.
06-30-2014, 08:51 AM
Dont buy this game! This is just a stealing strategy , this is just the same game as Little Bit Evil, inside the game you still have to pay 7 dollars, I already pay 7 dollars for this game before and now they erase the game before and intend to steal money again, this is a joke, dont support this, dont download, so they practically steal the 7 dollars I pay before If I want to download Little Bit Evil that is exactly the same game
This should be reported to apple, this guys are thiefs, and probably will try to steal again

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07-13-2014, 05:06 PM
Horrible business tactic to get more money out of customers. I bought original game and now they do this?
07-13-2014, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by bigepede View Post
Horrible business tactic to get more money out of customers. I bought original game and now they do this?
The title of the game was 'a little bit evil'.