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App description: Don't let the Mine Block Gems Drop!

Once a year, in the very centre of the Craft Mines, there is a place so magical its said to rain Gems from the skyand its your job to catch them all! Collect all the Gems as quickly as possible without letting any slip away. The more Gems you collect, the bigger the reward, and make sure you collect the in-game perks to grab yourself an even higher score. One thing to watch out for though are the Bombs - don't hit them or let a Gem slip off the screen or you'll lose a life!

Working on your hand-eye coordination, Don't let the Craft Block Mine Gems Drop! will not only keep you on your toes, but also keep you coming back for. It's addictive. It's fast paced. It's Gem-Droppingly good!

Keep up to date on how well you're doing against your friends by signing in to Game Center, and prove who can be the richest of them all!

Good luck and have fun!