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How do you guys monitor new apps from your fav genre?

06-26-2014, 08:31 AM
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How do you guys monitor new apps from your fav genre?

I don't understand what happened to the appstore since I left IOS gaming a few years ago (obviously I've recently returned).

It used to be that you can scan new games, paid games and select genre (like RPG) and see what's come out in the past few months.

Now, however, it's as if the appstore is jam packed with what seem like bogus apps by bogus developers, often with PRO as a suffix in the title. What are these? Is it just people trying to cash in on something that's familiar? It doesn't make sense that there are literally dozens of odd titles released in a specific genre EVERY DAY. Which means that scanning what's been released for a few months or a year, even in a specific genre, would take hours.

In any case, the aforementioned rant leads me to my next question: What do you guys use to find your favorite genres? Are there websites or other apps that can let you comb through the apps with specific search parameters or anything like that?

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06-26-2014, 09:23 AM
Pocket Tactics and these forums; between these I'm covered on strategy, the unique, board games, adventure games, PC-style RPG's, iCade compatibles and retro-ports. If another genre manages to see a good title released on iOS it get's mentioned enough to make me notice, like Wayward Souls.
06-27-2014, 06:18 PM
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Try 'Appzapp', I think it stills on the AppStore. It's the best app (in my opinion) to find new games and apps, set price drops alarms, etc.