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App description: Move the ugly fish around and eat all fast food you can to get points in this survival arcade game. The food, and also other objects, are thrown by a careless girl driving a jet ski. But it's not that easy! Dodge lots of dangerous stuff, get power-ups and survive as long as possible! You know! Demonstrate your ability and dominate the leaderboards in this high score chaser mini game!

Universal app.
Retro flavor.
Local High Scores leaderboard.
Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements.


DyabitGames's comments:

Alberto and Dani here! And, as always, excuse any misspelling. We'll try to write this post the best we can.

In fact, in order to make a joke, we liked the title Piranha 2D but finally we decided to use Dirty Depths because the fish is not a piranha. This is our fourth title of a series of five short games we want to finish before embarking on more complex projects. The goal of this is to finish and publish games, test the market, try things, learn, make mistakes and solve them, and even finish defining our identity (we don't even have an official website logo yet).

We're using the Free + Ads model again because this ensures us more downloads and visibility without having to waste our precious time (and our non-existent budget) in marketing, and ensures us some little revenue. The only downside is the ads themselves: they can slowdown the game in older devices. You can always remove ads via in-app purchase if you're interested or if you want to show us your support.


It's and arcade survival game to test your ability and reflexes. You play with a horrid ugly fish that eats fast food thrown into the water by a girl driving a jet ski. Get close to the food and the fish will open its mouth and devour it after a while. Food gives you points, so your goal is to survive as long as possible and eat all the food you can to enter our fantastic in-game world Top 10 leaderboard. The food that sinks faster will give you more points.

So far everything seems easy, however, you're quite a monstrous fish to be accepted by this intolerant society. Lots of fishermen and seafarers have come looking for you and they will do their best to capture you, preferably dead. Avoid all hazards on your way, whether underwater mines, depth charges, harpoons... Well, actually every hazard has its own behavior so you should observe and learn in order to master the game.

Luckily, the girl driving the jet ski also throws other items into the water that will make your life easier. The Bubble item will protect you from being hit once. The Slow Down item will make all other items to sink slower. The Letter items will let you complete the word PIRANHA, the familiar hallmark of your distant freshwater relatives. This will remove all hazards from the screen and will give you an extra ration of fast food.

That's it. Download and play Dirty Depths because, in our humble opinion, it's more fun than Bike Assault and we're quite happy with the result. We could say this game requires more concentration by the player. Also, enjoy our high quality pixel art graphics and remastered SNES style music, as always.


Our next step is to code our fifth and last short game of the series that, of course, it's also very curious. Maybe it has the best graphics of all five games. Stay tuned to our twitter (@DyabitGames), we usually notify about our upcoming games there. Also, visit our website if you need one place to download them all for free: dyabitgames.com

Best regards, and enjoy!

06-27-2014, 06:03 AM
I like what I have seen so far from the Game

06-27-2014, 09:48 AM
Game Impressions

06-27-2014, 10:22 AM
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Pretty fun little high score chaser.
06-27-2014, 11:04 AM
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Best Dyabit game yet although I really like Bike Assault too.
06-27-2014, 01:09 PM

Thank you people for the comments!

This game (idea, graphics, music) represents the absolute creative freedom of indie developers. That's why we like the result. We think we can keep releasing our games for free if we make enough money from advertising (unfortunately, it's not the case yet). So, you know, download, play, rate, share and all that!

Now we're coding our next short game, the last of the series. Yes, another arcade high score chaser, hehe...

We have also finished the graphics of two more games. Those games are a bit more complex, although they keep the direct gameplay arcade essence. We'll try to release a game per month, like we have been doing for now, but those two games need more work, and also have longer soundtrack, so there may be delays. For your interest, we're two: Alberto (graphics) and Dani (code, sfx, music).

By the way, we recommend using headphones with out games.

And that's all, best regards!
07-18-2014, 11:49 AM
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sounds like gay porn. dl when i'm back from the bathhouse
09-26-2015, 11:11 PM
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