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Overlords version 1.3 released! FREE

06-27-2014, 02:34 PM
Overlords version 1.3 released! FREE

Just in time for summer vacation. A new version of Overlords has been released! Get it now! Try it out, play with any part of your body you wish! Rub* it all over! Who cares? It's summer!

This new version is quite different from the old version, so if you haven't tried it, or it's been a while, please give it a whirl!

*DISCLAIMER: HyperGalactic Games Corporation assumes no responsibility for moisture damage.


-Improved single player opponent
-10 all new achievements
-Gameplay tempo increased and gameplay difficulty now ramps up much quicker
-Music tracks now cycle in random order
-New explosion sounds
-Sound levels optimized for headphone use
-Particle use lessened on devices using iOS 6.1.6 and prior
-Side wall bounces are now exact reflections
-Two player mode now shows how many rounds won
-Magnetron shield now flashes when holding plasmoid sphere, and flashes pure red when energy is below 50%
-New version 1.3 leaderboards
-Saves score when home button is pressed
-Fixed a crash that could occur if a different Game Centre user signed in on the device before your score could be submitted
-Fixed minor bug in iPad version to reflect same gameplay as iPhone version
-Fixed minor gameplay bugs