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3D Game Developer looking for collaboration

06-30-2014, 10:19 AM
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3D Game Developer looking for collaboration

Hey there

My name is Bilal and I am the lead programmer behind all of Nevonix games, see my sig for links

Till date I have developed 4 commercial games and many small tech-demos using the proprietary Nevonix game-engine

I developed the Nevonix game-engine from the ground-up specifically for iOS;
the engine supports 3D models (static and animated), custom shaders (GLES) and various other features (GameCenter, iAP, Bluetooth Networking, etc); in short, I can tweak and add features as needed.

To get to the point:

I am looking to work with a 3D artist or an existing team, to develop a game project with a little oomph (perhaps a 3rd-person hack-and-slash, a fighting game, or a JRPG) using the Nevonix game-engine to bring the game to life

Please note that I am an indie programmer and my tech is NOT comparable to UDK or Unity; however I do have full control over the low-level code hence can accomplish things which may be difficult or impossible to achieve with those other commercial engines

I am willing to work on a royalty-basis (taking percentage payment from sales once the game is complete), though I would prefer being paid upfront or per-hour/day/week

And I am not fussed about ownership of the IP;
I would be acting primarily as a programmer, the IP could belong to the team or whoever decides to publish the game (although I have the capacity to publish the game through Nevonix, the IP does not necessarily have to belong to it)

I am aware something like this deserves more discussion and information, but I will leave it at this for the post

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please send me a PM here or shoot me an email to: bilal AT nevonix DOT com

And for the record, I am willing to sign contracts or NDAs

Thanks for your interest, don't hesitate to ask questions or get in touch!

- B