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App description: Welcome to a geometric playground of circles and lines. You are a shepherd of colors, tasked with dividing the plane into regions where no two colors are in the same space.

Brought to you by the creators of Block Party and Unique: A Winter Game, Secant is a delightful puzzler which invites you to create and explore your way through dozens of carefully crafted, geometric levels.

-ambient soundtrack for meditative contemplation
-minimal, geometric aesthetics
-gameplay so simple a five year old can learn
-35 unique levels

What fans are saying:
"I don't usually play videogames but this one I could really get into. I love a good brainteaser." -Marshall
"Divisive! Surprisingly addictive." -Evie

hoqqanen's comments:
Hi all, developer here! Feel free to leave feedback or ask questions. The game is based upon machine learning ideas (in particular support vector machines) and I really enjoy making mathematical ideas into meditative puzzle games.

So stretch your brain with this one

06-30-2014, 05:06 PM
"So simple a five-year old can learn" - but as for an addled forty-three year old? I'm about to find out.

Looks intriguing.