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Nessie with lasers! (WIP/Devlog)

07-06-2014, 10:10 AM
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Nessie with lasers! (WIP/Devlog)

Hello there!

So, I've started working on this game for the Monster Mash Jam this week, it proposes as a theme that we make games with Monster as protagonists instead of humans, so I decided to make a game where you control the Loch Ness Monster. Well, the Loch Ness Monster CYBORG WITH LASERS!

I've recently released my first "finished game for iOS" and it felt quite good to have lots of friends being able to play my game (sooo many friends aren't pc gamers but love to play games on the iOS D and it inspired me to finish this game up and release it for iOS as well.

The controls are quite simple, only having 2 buttons (Left/Right) so I figured if I made it so if you click anywhere from the middle to the left of the screen to be Left, and anywhere from the middle to the right of the screen to be Right, the controls would be perfect for mobile, and after testing it on my iPhone, I believe I was right ^^

(Early WIP screenshot, Enemies are definetly placeholders)

Alright, more about the game!

Gameplay-wise, you're always shooting when enemies are in range, and you're always moving. The only controls you got are for steering, only 2 buttons "LEFT" and "RIGHT", in this case by clicking on either side of the screen, no actual "button" is present. The first level, the one I'm doing for the game jam (ends monday!) is an arena level, but for the full iOS release I want to create actual sidescroller levels where you go beating each section to get to the next one, with lots of different scenarios, enemies and bosses.

The idea behind it (at least for the jam level) is that a Mad Scientist sends robots to capture Nessie, she fights as much as she can but she gets injured and ends up captured. The scientist "fixes her" with robot technology turning her into "NESSIE CYBORG WITH LASERS!". Meanwhile her "spouse", the loch ness monster is looking for her, and sees her through the windows on the scientist's lab.

To free his love from the scientist he throws himself against the foundations of the laboratory repeated times until the lab comes down and Nessie is free again. But by doing this he is injured and vulnerable.

Playing as nessie it's your job to fend off the robots and protect the loch ness monster (Well, not really protect, he can't get hurt, but he's resting down there XD so you can role play that you're protecting him if you want.)

I know the story is kind of crazy, but I wanted to get some extra multipliers on the Jam :3 teeheehee. Going to try and make some quick cutscenes to pass the story.

So, that's it for now, going to finish up the game for the jam and start working on the Post-Jam iOS version, already played it on the iOS and to me it feels good to play on the touchscreen

I'll be keeping this thread updated with my progress ^^ I love to keep "devlogs"

Favorite iOS Games: Wayward Souls, Plague Inc., Triple Town
My games: Candy Chomper, Nessie With Lasers! (Wip)

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07-07-2014, 10:19 AM
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I´m the audio guy aka composer and sound designer of Daniel´s team, I often give many ideas(specially in Nessie ).

Here I will update the soundtrack and SFX news about Nessie With Lasers.

This is the first song composed, the theme of gameplay, I create this theme with strong influences of arcade chiptune arrangement with actual instruments and synthsizers, I hope you guys enjoy.

I used Ableton Live 9 with many Kontatk Libraries, Supeior Drummer and Abbey Road plugins for mastering.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/pxldj/nessie-...gameplay-theme