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App description: Eduxeso is language learning matching game for kids or adults. Game has voice pronunciation, beautiful images and simple intuitive interface.

- simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy to play, specially designed for children and adults,
- 9 sets of games - Fruit / Animals / Colors / Numbers / Nature / Tools / Clothes / Food / Transport,
- voice pronunciation of all used words,
- 90 most common used words,
- visual memory training,
- develops recognition, concentration and language skills of kids and adults,
- nice, engaging graphics for kids and adults,
- contains beautiful images of animals, fruit, tools and more.

Eduxeso a new style of educational pexeso / pairs game / matching game combined with english vocabulary. Now you can learn english while you play your favourite puzzle game. Game is ideal for kids to make learning english fun, or for people who like to play, learn and train memory.
Memory game / Pairs / Matching game is the classic board game, which help develop memory skills of children. Eduxeso moreover develop skills and learn foreign languages. Eduxeso is a game for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and teens. Both, boys and girls will love this game.

Initially you will see all cards turned face down. Tap on one of the card and remember the picture on it. With the next tap try to find and flip the card with the English name of the picture. If the picture and name matches, you found pair and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise both cards will flip back over and you will get another try. Try to find all matched cards as fast as possible.

smuggler01's comments:

this is my game Eduxeso - combination of language learning game and foreign language vocabulary. Currently the game supports 4 languages (click more from developer):
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

I would like to ask what you think about the game, design, business model, etc.
If you want to test game, feel free to ask for promo code (PM).