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App description: LEAVE YOUR EGO BEHIND! Tranquilo is a non-competitive, non-combative, non-fast-paced game! What kind of game is it then? It's a two-player dynamic puzzle based on cooperation to achieve mutual goals. Inspired by chemical bonding, each player must collect energy to grow their bubble while maintaining the bond with the other player's bubble but not touching it.

Sounds easy? Well, it's not. The thing about Tranquilo is that too much survival instinct could make you break the connection with your partner and too little of it could cause a collision.

Tranquilo is all about teamwork, unity and composure. In order to reach equilibrium you will need strong partnership, synchronized motion and good communication throughout. Play slow, thoughtful and considerate. Think you've mastered it? Try playing without talking to each other. Think you're soul-mates? Try reaching a score of 100% equilibrium it will require you to strategically grow equally gigantic bubbles.

Sound from http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/