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  • Publisher: Rick Greco
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 148.9 MB
  • Version: 1.1
  • Price: $0.99
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App description: From WONKY ENTERTAINMENT comes CHORTLE'S SPACE RETORT: the World's First R.P.S. - Relaxed Person Shooter, a First/Third Person Space Shooter.

(Optimized for iPhone 5/5s, iPad Air or better. Will run acceptably on iPhone 4/4s, iPad3 v4. Older devices are not powerful enough to run this app.)

Play as friendly alien Chortle on a dangerous personal mission to the alien Orbital Mining Facility in Earth orbit.

Steer your alien fighter using your iOS devices accelerometer as you fire rockets and plasma weapons at designated targets for Retort points and Rank ups.

Disable power and shielding, blow out the DNA Lab Cryogenics and disable the Interstellar Space Portal before the alien reinforcements arrive!

Once the shields are down the brave hero will seek maximum Retort, all the while keeping a keen eye on the radar as Admiral Rhendeclod and his armada are on their way from earth to stop you.

Just in time you boost out of the Mining Facility and escape to the human's Space Station before the nasty Admiral Rhendleclod can lock you up, or worse!!!

CHORTLE'S SPACE RETORT various features:

Navigating the ship is in itself a Space Flight Simulation, a nicely satisfying one. Think 3 axis, no gravity - almost like navigating far underwater only in Space!

The player will find they can fly around without firing a shot so as to not activate the enemy defenses. Then they can just fly around, poke in and around the environment, simply cruising to the soundtrack.

No One Dies - shooting at Civilian Buildings and Shuttle PODs does two things aside from scaring the civilians:

- Loss of valuable Retort Points, also locks out a Full Retort rank-up
- Admiral Rhendleclod coming from Earth pushes his armada's ships to brink of meltdown to arrive even faster - watch that radar!

Randomized end of game timer - if the player has or hasnt progressed to manage an escape in time, the game is over when the military arrive and arrest Chortle. The timer is represented as a Radar as Distance readout, and is relative. Each new game will induce a randomized start distance for the arriving military, so the smart player wont assume Admiral Rhendleclod is starting as far away as he was last time the game was played.

Chortle's Ship:

Third Person View
First Person view (bow cam)
Accelerometer based helm control
Auto-Regenerative Ship's Power and Defenses
Kinetic Ship Shielding (ship can't be destroyed)
Ship Plasma Weapons (regenerative)
Ship Rocket Weapons (fixed compliment)
Ship Dual Weapon Mode (both Rockets and Plamsa fire)
Ship High Speed Acceleration Boost

ISP - Interstellar Teleportation Portal
Local Teleportation via the ISP within the game play arena is possible until the ISP is sufficiently damaged and stops working.

Play for:

Maximum Retort points
"Target class eliminated" based Rank-ups to super advance Retort points
Take out the power to disable the crater shield
Disable the InterStellar Space Portal (ISP) to stop alien reinforcements from coming through
Escape to the Space Station as soon as you can when the Crater Shield is down, or, stick around and go for maximum points and a FULL RETORT

The sheer joy of a flying around in a spaceship flight sim


R.P.S. - Relaxed Person Shooter - by design a low anxiety space game, it's a game, not a job
The ship's helm becomes less responsive the more damage and less power the ship has. As power returns and the ship recovers, the helm control recovers as well
To foil formulaic play:
- Randomized placement every game of point bearing asteroid and ship targets
- Retort points are relative! Each Retort target and rank-up is worth a minimum of Retort points, and goes up from there based on the math of alien secret algorithms
Custom Soundtrack featuring music from Subhop Culture artist Rooter, Dance/Trance/Alt artist Stuart Randerson, and alt Rock band FRACTURED VISION.
Finger slide across the bottom of the screen to change Soundtrack during game
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