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App description: KEITAI presents the coolest soccer PK game youve never seen before!

Use your finger to draw the path of the ball, and make an amazing goal! You can also keep the replays for your best performance, and share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube!

Now an exciting PK tournament has just begun! Everybody can take part in the tournament without entry fee. Beating the opponents with your techniques, you can win the real money with the bonuses!

Choose "Play for Cash"; lets join the game now!!


Now featuring Cashplay enabled real-money tournaments.

- Play for Cash! Compete in a range of real cash tournaments.
- Play for Fun and Win Real Cash! No deposit required.
- Use your skills against other players today and win your CashPlay real money bonus.

Select Play for Cash option to play and win real cash money.

Neil Lai's comments:
Loco Soccer is freestyle PK game and now available on iOS.
Hope you will enjoy it and come on join the tournament and win real cash!!

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How to play it:

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07-18-2014, 04:30 PM
Joined: Jul 2014
Location: San Francisco
Posts: 8
So to shoot you place your crosshairs then draw the curve/path of the ball? Which I guess means it's not physics based? I'll have to check it out!

Stryker: First Person Football - FREE soccer game for iPad!
07-18-2014, 07:25 PM
Joined: Jun 2014
Posts: 15
Got no title

I'm gonna download it when I get home. But first impressions are sort Of a turn off. The description drives me crazy. This part particularly "Aimed at the goal like sniper, then simple touch and drag on screen, let ball path has more variability to create your amazing shot!" It is grammatically incorrect and is frustrating to read. When adding a description make sure to check it like crazy for errors and even have someone else read it to make sure it makes since. That affects whether someone may download it not. Next the screenshots, the first one is great but all the rest don't make a big impact. All I'm seeing is a electrified ball perk thing and and then some path lightning following the balls. Tell a story with the pics because a lot of people judge an app or anything by the cover. No matter how good the game/app is if the person is turned away before they download it nothing past that matters. If you fix what I mentioned it would improve it a lot.

K. Disney
07-18-2014, 07:55 PM
Joined: Jun 2014
Posts: 15
Tried it out

I've tried it and it seems to be well made and quite fun if I do say so. Only issue is the grammar is still used incorrectly in the app itself. Your store crashes with Free iAp which is good I guess because you can't get free purchases but a failure message is always better than crashing. I have to give compliments since half of all devs seem to skip receipt checking on iAp. The cash play is a brilliant idea, have people win money by betting and I'm guessing you'd make a percent from it. It's definitely clever and I haven't seen it before. With the system for shooting. On the last balls it gets so small you can barely see it. Instead of giving people a handicap(people don't like that) keep the size the same but increase the speed of it. If you don't understand what I mean or for other people that haven't played it yet I'll try to elaborate. So for shooting you have two circles and you try to tap when they line up to be the same size. You are also awarded points based on how close to perfect you are. It is big on the first and kind of slow but as it goes it gets faster and smaller. Just increase the speed more and it'd make it much better.(not everyone has eagle eyes) I think that's enough to get the gist of that part. And lastly when you shoot either the guy jumps out of the way or it goes straight through him. The jump part could stay but when it goes through him it cheeses it up(de-slang: phony or very fake looking) That's all I have for now!

K. Disney