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MC5 - TA Squad

07-14-2014, 07:38 PM
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MC5 - TA Squads


If you would like to join a squad, please leave a post with your GameCenter username and which squad you'd like to join. After applying, launch MC5 > go to squads > search the squad you were assigned to > view the squad > find the leader and tap his name > add the leader as a friend > send him an in-game message stating that you are from TA and you'd like to join the squad (your leader's GameCenter is listed next to the squad name). The leader will then send a squad invite to you. The invite will show up under the "messages" section in the game.

If you're interested in creating a squad, please leave a post stating you're interested, your Game Center username, and the name of your squad.

If you delete the game, make sure you notify the leader so that they can remove you from the squad.

If you're adding someone's GameCenter, mention you're from the MC5 TA Squad thread to avoid confusion!


Arcadians (MES.82)

Squad Status: 11/20 OPEN
1. MES.82
2. _Nekko_
3. Ghost
4. David
5. Stonewall Brown
6. sbirksy666
7. Preggo
8. Jibba Junior
9. Rip73
10. wediafom
11. YerroFerros

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07-14-2014, 07:55 PM
My Gamecenter ID is Stonewall Brown

I'll be downloading the minute the game is released.

07-14-2014, 08:54 PM
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Just to let ye know, I'll add ye up on GC a few days before release.
My GC version is a tad buggy and is rejecting adding people so I'll roll back to iOS 7 or use a different device to set up a squad before the release. Cheers.
07-14-2014, 09:04 PM
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Gamecenter: Paul2.02

In regards to active and loyal players I will buy and play the heck out of the game on day one, and I was top rank in the last 3 modern combat games.*

I do have 30 more levels to go in MC4 to be top level 15th prestige.

I also have an MC4 T-Shirt the devs sent me :-)
07-14-2014, 11:57 PM
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Let's roll
07-15-2014, 12:04 AM
I already posted my request in the mc5 thread yesterday, but I'll post it here too. Rip added me yesterday, but just for your info (if someone else wants to add me), my Gamecenter name is the same as here.
I was in the top 40 in the first month of mc4 and got to prestige 15 in this time. Because there was no real reason for me to continue playing it, I turned back to mc3 where I was "only" 2nd prestige. Finally I ended up playing mc3 and 4, together with a friend. I followed every source of news after the e3 2013, and I'm going to play it as much as possible after its release with the goal to get at least in the top 100.
07-15-2014, 12:57 AM
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MES.82 here! Platoon leader (that would be Rip ) has me already on GC.

As said before I am not the best at these games, but it's all for fun anyway!

Now squad names...
07-15-2014, 01:07 AM
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My game centre is Ninja_STAR444

I'll be getting this game on day one , so you can count me in ! I have the prevous MCs ( MC3 and MC4 ) so I wont be a noob when playing with yous , I also have NOVA 3 and have played NOVA 2 so I am used to fps gaming on a touch screen.


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07-15-2014, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Now squad names...
Yeah anyone have any squad name recommendations? I was just thinking TA Squad or something along then lines of that.
07-15-2014, 04:07 AM
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Sweetdiss on GC. Would love to join!