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iBlast Moki! PLUS+ enabled [Approved!]

08-28-2009, 02:12 PM
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iBlast Moki! PLUS+ enabled [Approved!]

*******UPDATE 9/6***********


"So far, everything we’ve seen is amazing."

SlideToPlay Preview
"The game’s graphics can be described in one word: adorable"
"it appears to be a fresh take on a stale genre"

NodPad Preview
"The game is one of most quality games I have ever played on the iPhone, and it’s definitely fun."
"I would be so sad if you missed out on this wonderful experience, unique and original to the App Store."

Appsmile Preview
"This title is setting up to be a big hit.

GamesAndChocolate (french)

"It looks like it might even be on the way to becoming the Little Big Planet of the iPhone with all the unlockable items and user created and shareable levels."


Gameplay Video:

Youtube link | Pop Up

My Awesome Preview of iBlast Moki:


That was the image I was confronted with yesterday afternoon, alone at home with nothing to do but try out the game I was extremely excited for: iBlast Moki.
When I first saw the early build screenshots, I knew this was going to be one helluva game. The graphics (in my opinion) rivaled that of Rolando, and the game play seemed new and fresh, not to mention extremely fun. Luckily, the nice people at Godzilab graciously agreed to give me a chance to run through the final build of the game. Needless to say, I went into this game with big expectations. Did iBlast Moki live up to the hype I produced within my mind? Or did it fail like Gang$tar? Read on to find out.

So you start the game and you are greeted by the customary screens: 'Activate Sound?' and 'Touch to Start'. Then something pretty awesome happened. A Plus+ tab came down and asked me to log in. How is this simple little happening amazing? For those of you that frequent the forum, you know that only the TOP games get Plus+ integration, with only Flick Fishing and Luxor as the only non-Ngmoco games that come with it. Not for much longer anyways.

I checked out the Plus+ options, and I was confronted with a TON of leader boards:

After getting through the 'Holy $%^$!' initial impression, I saw that there were leader boards for practically everything: Overall Score, Top Level Designers (That's pretty cool!), and all the independent world Top Scores. Not only does this game have an in-game level editor and online level share and rating, it has another thing to keep the hardcore gamers coming back: the sweet feeling of being the top player in the world.

I exited out of Plus+ and then took a look around the menu. I must say that the menu is very nice and polished (with a very neat little surprise!):

As you see the options for the main menu are 'Play', 'Creation' and 'More...', with the last leading to Credits and Support, and then the Plus+ tab and a Plus+ info button right next to it. I decided to jump straight into a game, so I chose 'Play' and was greeted by another very fine looking menu, this one a 'World' selection screen:

There are Six 'Worlds' in iBlast Moki, with each of them with about 13 levels each, meaning you'll be playing the 'campaign' for a long time. (Note: 'Waterworld' is actually the third world). In the levels, you can get three different ribbons depending on how well you did in regards to time and 'flower' collecting (you need to use your items to grab these flowers during your transition to the portal), so you can either get a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal, each with a different amount of points which adds to your overall high score.

The most important part of a game is obviously the game play. A game can have all the fancy menus they want, but if the game play is poor, the game will be poor.The game play in iBlast Moki is simple, the controls are intuitive, and the result is just plain and ridiculously addicting fun. The physics couldn't be better, which is good considering it's a physics game. You use the assortment of items provided to try and get the little moki to the portal that takes him back home. This includes, bombs, balloons, ropes, wheels and more. You tap on an item from the sidebar and that makes it appear in the game area. You then tap and drag it to where you want it to go, and then if the item permits, adjust it's side and connect it to other items to combine a sort of machine. A cool little feature is that when you click and hold an item that can be combined with other items, a little magnifying glass pops up beside your finger so you can easily connect the pieces. The game play is simple, but at the same time it can become extremely complex. The easy controls make it so you can easily manipulate your items in the more advanced levels, where you are forced to build machines in order to complete them.

So now finally it was time for me to test what really excited me about this game: the level editor, and I have to say here that my expectation has almost never been met in level editors on the iDevices (Cuberunner II dissapointed me greatly, etc.), however, iBlast Moki finally succeeded in making a user-friendly level editor, which blows your mind when you consider how complex the game play is and how much attention to detail is needed for the levels to work. The editor makes it easy for everyone.

As you see in this picture, there are four main parts of the editor: The right hand pull down menu, the bottom buttons (each unlocks different features of the editor), the center (the place you actually make the levels in), and finally the right side, which is a scroll-down landscape items menu. There are nine options in the landscape items menu, squares (divided into three categories: Blue means landscape, Green means heavy object and Beige means Light Object), circles (also arranged in the same format), and then Mokis, Flowers and Portals. On the bottom you can edit the size and shape of the object, the items you can use and how much of them are available to the player, and the two 'worlds' you can choose to have the background in, each with a specific set of physics. The pull down menu is self explanatory.

Then came time for the online level sharer. This is probably what will make the game last a long time for all those casual players. In the level editor, you can upload your own creations, or download another player's level, along with rating them from 1-5 stars (what's cool is the system recognizes the best rated levels and puts them in a separate category, along with a Most Viewed and Recent category).

I taped on 'Piston' by remoki and I was surprised at how fast I got into the game:

Can you believe that another player made this level on their iPod? It was amazing. The loading time was superb (less than a second before I could start playing). The only negative side that I see to the level editor, is that you don't download the files but sort of just 'borrow' them, meaning you can only play where you have Internet access (however, I don't see a problem with Godzilab adding the top levels in updates or DLC... hopefully).

I downloaded Gang$tar and Modern Combat today, because I wasn't really excited about them at first but since they got good reviews, I bought them. I was sorely disappointed with both. However, here comes a game that will go on the AppStore at $1.99, which has nearly infinite replay value that is getting almost no hype at all. The AppStore isn't about the big developers, its about the developer groups who listen to their audience and caters to their need, and I have a feeling that Godzilab is one of those dev groups. iBlast Moki has a lot of heart pumped into it, and it shows. You really do love those cute little mokis and want to help them out as much as possible.

Godzilab has stated that they have submitted iBlast Moki to the AppStore, look for it to be released soon.

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It may strike you as disrespectful to ask questions, that's ok, it strikes me as stupid not to.

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08-28-2009, 02:15 PM
So excited!

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08-28-2009, 02:24 PM
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You're not the only one! Plus+ integration is awesome!

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It may strike you as disrespectful to ask questions, that's ok, it strikes me as stupid not to.
08-28-2009, 02:28 PM
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NICE!!! the gag is finally off. this game is so much fun and with plus+ its unbelievable. every corner of this game is polished no rough edges what so ever, it is complete as-is no need to wait for updates and the devs are amazing. i dont hype much stuff up but no fear on this one you wont be disappointed if you like physics puzzles at all.

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So the announcement is that Brazilian Rider is officially a noob?

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So the announcement is that Brazilian Rider is officially a noob?
I'm not proud of it, OK?

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It may strike you as disrespectful to ask questions, that's ok, it strikes me as stupid not to.
08-28-2009, 02:52 PM
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Great game, And Plus+ just tops it off!
08-28-2009, 04:05 PM
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Come on, we need more Plus+ love!
iBlast Moki is amazing, even without Plus+, now it has almost infinite replay value, since the level editor also rocks!!!
08-28-2009, 04:38 PM
I would jerk to this game if that wasn't weird.

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Something along the lines of "You have bought 10 hats! A new hat is available for purchase in the store". But no hat.

Edit: I realize I am overly concerned about this hat.
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I would jerk to this game if that wasn't weird.
You are so lucky its weird.

Made that a while ago for AquaGlobs .